Passenger forces flight from Dubai to reroute due to excessive farting

A flight from Dubai bound for Amsterdam was forced to reroute and make an emergency landing after a passenger’s excessive farting.

Transavia Airlines Flight HV6902 landed in Vienna after an elderly man got into a heated argument with his fellow passengers, two Dutch men, who asked him to control his persistent farting.

The windy passenger allegedly ignored his co-passengers’ request and things began to escalate quickly into a verbal argument between him and the two Dutch men.

After the fight broke out, the pilot decided to make an unscheduled landing at the Vienna International Airport in Austria.

After landing, policemen asked the two Dutch men to get off the plane.

According to reports, two sisters who were seated on the same row as the men were also escorted off the plane.

“It was crazy that we were included, we had no idea who these boys were, we just had the bad luck to be in the same row and we didn’t do anything.

“They did not do anything to justify the bizarre behaviour of the Transavia crew,” Nora Lachhab, one of the women, said.

“Do they sometimes think that all Moroccans cause problems? That’s why we do not let it sit.

“We had to find our own flights home with another airline. All I will say is that the crew were really provocative and stirred things up,” she added.

The spokesman of the airline, however, said that the two sisters are also guilty of misbehavior and verbal abuse.

“Our crew must ensure a safe flight.

“When passengers pose risks, they immediately intervene – Our people are trained for that.

“They know very well where the boundaries are,” the spokesperson said regarding the incident.

The four people who were escorted off the plane have been banned from any further travels with the airline.

No one was apprehended as the people involved did not break any Austrian law.

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