Pinay college student fabricates her own abduction to escape school fee

CEBU CITY: A 21-year-old Filipina college student will be facing charges after admitting that she fabricated her own abduction story to relieve herself from paying her balance in school.

Doubts of the investigators on the credibility of Kristel Jade Wety’s story started when they found no traces of bruises on her hands, despite her claims that she was tied and mauled.

Chief Insp.Jacinto Mandal, Carbon police station chief, said they may file charges against the young woman to teach her a lesson, reported Inquirer.

On Monday, January 8, at 8 AM, Wety bombarded her sister with text messages asking for her help, saying she was abducted by five men, three foreigners and two Filipinos, who were on board a black van with plate number PMQ 128.

Her frantic mother called the police and they immediately began the search for Wety.
About 8 p.m. on the same day, Wety was seen in a house in Barangay Jubay, Liloan town, northern Cebu, and professed she had escaped from her kidnappers.

Meanwhile, the search for the van owner led the police to a businessman of one of the biggest firms in Luzon.
According to Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak, the businessman was having a talk with a lawyer to know what appropriate charges should be filed against Wety.

The student later on confessed that the abduction story was an excuse to escape from her balance of P4,000 that the school gave her to purchase books. She said she lost the money and now the school wanted her to return it.

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