OFW returns home for Christmas…in a box

DUBAI: Forty-five-year-old Jose Arnold Aguilar, who last month succumbed to a stroke while looking for a job on a visit visa has returned home… in a box.

“Sad, very sad,” said Reynaldo B. Angulo, volunteer social worker who arranged for the repatriation of Aguilar’s remains. “Nandun na sya. He has returned home. Ang sakit ano?”

Angulo said the remains were flown on board a Philippine Airlines flight in the evening of Dec. 16, 2017 and arrived in General Santos City on the 18th for another land trip to Banga, South Cotabato.

“I try to internalize the feeling of the family. When he left, he was quite strong and with a promise of a bright future for them, full of hope; then he came back, lifeless. God has plans,” Angulo said.

Aguilar, who was staying in Jafilia, had a stroke and was confined at Rashid Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit on Nov. 13. He passed away on Nov. 21, also according to Angulo.

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