Asian woman jailed in Dubai after having one-night stand with stranger

A Filipina saleswoman has been sentenced to one month in prison for engaging in an illicit one-night affair with a stranger, resulting in the birth of her illegitimate daughter.

The woman, 30, said an Indian man approached her in January, said some nice words before asking her to have sex with him, to which she agreed to, Gulf News reported.

“I didn’t take his name or number. He saw me at a corner and said to me some nice words. Then he asked me if we could have sex before I agreed. He took me to one of the areas near Jumeirah Beach where we had sex,” the report quoted the woman as saying.

Seven months later, the unmarried Filipina was taken to the hospital after experiencing stomach contractions, where she discovered she was pregnant and about to go into labor.

Following the birth of her daughter, the hospital notified authorities of the her situation.

The Filipina admitted to engaging in sexual relations with the stranger but insisted that it was consensual.

“Yes I allowed him to have sex with me and it was mutual,” she told the Dubai Misdemeanours Court on Tuesday, October 17.

The woman was sentenced to imprisonment followed by deportation.

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