Organic rice from PH now available in UAE

Dubai EntrePinoy Reintegration Program has announced the official launch of  Bio Dynamis Organic Rice, the first of its products, since the launch of the program on October 14 last year.

The first shipment of 10 tons of brown, red, and black rice will be distributed by EntrePinoy FZE, the sole distribution and marketing arm of the program. Suggested retail price of all three colored rice is Dh18 per kilo.

EntrePinoy is the initiative of the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) Dubai in cooperation with Fil-HR Dubai, which aims will help boost Philippine economy by giving overseas Filipinos (OFs) who have returned to the country new business opportunities, and at the same time provide employment and business opportunities for OFWs in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

“Our first shipment will be available to all Filipinos and non-Filipinos in UAE. It will soon be distributed to supermarkets and restaurants. This is a holistic approach of the program for OFWs. They are the investors and at the same time the distributors of our products,” said Sheryll Agbing, chairman of Dubai EntrePinoy Reintegration Program.

During the launch, investors were assured that there will be an ample supply of rice available the whole year. The next shipment of stocks will be in December.

The program is also coming up with another product – Organic Barako Coffee from Batangas and organic plantain (Organic Saba) in the coming months.

“Our investors are all OFWs who are based in the UAE. We also have investors who are returning OFWs who are now in the Philippines. So we encourage former OFWs to invest and help our farmers in Mlang, North Cotabato,” Samirah Nanoz, managing director, Entrepinoy FZE.

“The process is very easy. They only have to send an email to [email protected]. You will promptly receive an acknowledgment email. We will then provide you with some relevant information. Once onboard, you will receive a certification confirming the investment,” Nanoz added.

According to Nanoz, there are two investment schemes with EntrePinoy Reintegration Program: through Adopt a Farm, wherein an investor may invest in a minimum of one hectare and a maximum of five hectares of farmland for Dh2,500 per hectare; and through the distribution company with a minimum of .25 shares and a maximum of 1.25 shares at Dh2,500 per share.

Investors in the Philippines will have a guaranteed return of investment (ROI) of 30percent and the UAE investors who will be putting forth their money in the distribution side of the business will get .25 percent shares, based on profit.

Consulate General Paul Raymund Cortes, commended the group that created EntrePinoy who have worked hard for the program to come in full circle.

“The agricultural sector has always been one of our most neglected sectors because one it’s not glamorous. It’s not elegant. It’s literally down to earth. You have to work with soil and with the elements of nature to make things grow so that you will come up with products that you can sell,” said Cortes.

“The group that initiated the program deserves commendation at the very least because they are gung-ho about making sure that what they are teaching is not only limited to theory. Now it is incumbent upon us to make sure that the concept that we have generated a year ago, can actually be a success,” he added.

Bios Dynamis Organic Rice is produced by farmers from the municipality of Mlang, North Cotabato, identified as one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines, through Don Bosco Multipurpose Cooperative (DBMC) in Mlang which owns 159 hectares of internationally certified organic and halal rice.

The farmers’ cooperative has another 200 hectares or organic and halal rice, ready for OFW-investors in Dubai and Northern Emirates.

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