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Bartender-turned-media-exec in Dubai shares secrets to success

Marktwain Ramos, 32, was quite sure that he made the perfect decision when he stopped being a bar captain, a job he considered his first love, to join the media industry as a media buyer. Named after the famous English literary icon, Marktwain, was quite happy with the job he first landed in 2005, after studying a sommelier course. He was pretty good with the job too, having competed and placed third in a major cocktail competition.

But when the door of opportunity cracked open, he jumped in enjoying “the adrenaline rush of campaign deadlines and handling different top clients’ accounts, helping the latter achieve their target market in advertising.

“It’s a big decision for me to change my career and my passion, as I need to move and choose media and advertising to have more quality time with my family and have a stable income. But it made me step up on the new challenge as I wanted to grow and learn more things aside from what I have studied and expertise,” said Marktwain.

Just three years old in his new job, the former bartender considers himself a freshman who is still learning the ropes but nonetheless finds his new passion very rewarding.

“In my opinion I think most jobs in the world are not easy and are really tiring and stressful. But for me I always make sure that I balance my work, family and healthy lifestyle; maintaining a positive energy in my daily activities,” said the junior media executive.

When asked which job would he take down when squeezed into a tight fix, Marktwain was quick to answer he’s willing to give up his present job and go back to bartending.

On the practical side, he admits he needs a more stable job, especially now that he and his wife are planning to have kids, one of his biggest goals in the new year.

His pieces of advice to other young achievers like him, is not to fear failure and to love the job unconditionally.

“You won’t succeed doing something you despise. You won’t even succeed doing something that you just like doing. You will succeed when you do what you love; what you’re passionate about.”

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