LOOK: Filipino civil engineers hold Sportsfest 2022 in Abu Dhabi

The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – UAE (PICE – UAE) Chapter successfully held their day-long Sportsfest 2022 in Abu Dhabi last April 24.

The event was attended by over 140 participants, coming from different emirates of the UAE.

The Red Bulls team was hailed as the overall champion, garnering a total score of 132 points, followed by the Blue Dragons team with 116 Points. The White Eagles and Green Pythons finished 2nd and 3rd runners up respectively.

pice group photo 2022pice group photo 2022

Engr. Eric O. Biscocho, Chairman of PICE-UAE’s COMMITEE of publication and information, said that this is their group’s way to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst members, while promoting good health and an active lifestyle outside of their responsibilities at work.

“We believe that holding a sports event like this once in a year is very important because it is one way we meet other civil engineers in different emirates, display talents and skills in sports, strengthen our camaraderie and promote unity as a group of Filipino Civil Engineers working and living here in UAE. This event showcases the Filipino Civil Engineers’ values of sportsmanship, fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect,” said Engr. Biscocho.

He added: “The PICE UAE’s SportsFest 2022 also showcase the Filipino characteristic of reaching out to help and support one another whenever someone needs assistance. The endurance, teamwork, and tenacity of each individual working as groups helped them to reach their goal to compete and be on top.”

Here are the photos during the day-long league:


pice 2022 parade 4

pice 2022 parade 3

pice 2022 parade 2

pice 2022 parade 1

The Teams

pice 2022 teams 1

pice 2022 teams 2

pice 2022 teams 3

pice 2022 teams 4

Race, Table Tennis, Chess, and Tug-of-War

pice 2022 race

pice 2022 table tennis



pice 2022 tug of war 1

pice 2022 tug of war 2

Basketball and Cheers

pice 2022 basketball 2

pice 2022 basketball 1

pice 2022 basketball 3

pice 2022 basketball 4

pice 2022 Champion



pice 2022 volleyball 3

pice 2022 volleyball 2

pice 2022 volleyball 1

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