Underdogs beat Magilas 55-51 in United OFWBL’s Chrismas Eve 2021 games

Team Underdogs emerged triumphant from the final league of United OFW Basketball League in Dubai for 2021.

Magilas emerged as the frontrunner of the final bout during the first quarter with a four-point lead of 12-16 in their favor.

UOFWBL Underdogs Magilas dec 2021 2

During the second and third quarters, both teams managed to reach a 32-32 and 44-44 tie respectively.

Both teams focused on playing on defense right until the fifth minute, when Magilas reached another four-point lead 46-50.

UOFWBL Underdogs Magilas dec 2021 1

Underdogs then came back in full force thanks to their cohesive teamplay inching closer 50-51.

During the last 45 seconds of the fourth quarter, Underdogs scored another two points to put the game in their favor 52-51.

UOFWBL Underdogs Magilas dec 2021 4

The final 24 seconds witnessed an action-packed court match-up between the two teams as Magilas players attempted to get their shots in the ring, however, they failed all three attempts to shoot the ball.

Underdogs sealed their win 55-51 with a final two-point score during the final seconds of the match.

UOFWBL Underdogs Magilas dec 2021 5

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