Japanese man stuns with 70-kg weight loss transformation

(Main photo credit: YouTube/ルイボスチャンネル)

A Japanese YouTuber has blown netizens and fans away with his stunning weight loss transformation, showing how he lost nearly 70 kilograms nearly a year ago.
Ruibosu said he weighed 140 kilograms at his heaviest when he decided to lose weight in September 2019. He then documented his weight loss journey, calling it the “final diet of his life,” and posted his amazing before-and-after photos.
He said his weight decreased by 68.5 kilograms, while his body fat went down from 42.9 to 18.6 percent.
The YouTuber said he exercised lightly at first, then moved on to kickboxing and weightlifting.
Combined with a diet plan that included fruits, rice, and chicken, Ruibosu managed to shed about five kilograms a month.
He said that it was hard for the first two months, but knew he had to do it because he was “considerably fatter then a normal person.”
However, he also advised fans to lose weight in a healthy manner and not to overdo dieting.
Ruibosu received praise from netizens, with many commenting he became a completely different person due to his weight loss journey.

Watch his weight loss journey here:

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