Why not Croatia?

Travelers are always looking for new unique places to explore beyond the mainstream destinations. Especially for expats like Filipinos in the UAE, it is becoming a trend to venture into countries that not a lot of people get to discover yet. And being located in the UAE gives many of us a chance to make unique adventures—especially since the country is situated in the middle of East and West.
If you’re one of those travelers looking for rare trips, Croatia is one of the best places to explore. More than being the setting of a popular TV series, this country in the Balkan Peninsula offers the best Mediterranean getaway you’ll ever experience check out where to go when in this country:

The city has grown widely famous because of Game of Thrones, as it is where one of the major settings of the show is shot. Beyond that, however, Dubrovnik is also considered the Jewel of Balkan because of its marvelous coasts and a fascinating story to tell.

Split is the second as well as the oldest city in Croatia, being built 1700 years ago by famous Roman Emperor Diocletian (the last Roman emperor to punish Christians) as a retirement home. The city is now one of the country’s sprightliest cities, a place with a vivacious night life—as seen in its various bars and restaurants.

This medieval city located on a tiny island is the country’s most important places for shipbuilding. The architecture of its buildings is also influenced by the Greek, Roman, Venetian, Romanesque, and Renaissance styles. Among the things to do in Trogir incude visiting Kamerlengo Fortress, enjoying the scenery at the seaside promenade, checking out coral accessories, and strolling along the city’s cobblestone alleys.

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