Fashion rules to follow in the winter

If you want to prioritize your style, winter is a very complicated season to do that because one important thing to take note is to still be able to fight the cold weather. But if you’re looking to do it without sacrificing your sense of fashion, check out these tips:
Skirts + Sweaters = perfection!

Since it’s the winter, you’ll be wearing a sweater or a long-sleeve, right? Well, if you’re going to do that anyway, why not get a cute one and pair it with skirts? You can even lay a thin shirt or tank under it to feel even warmer. If you’re tall, a loose sweater and a skirt topped with a long shawl will look cute, but if you’re lacking a few inches, choose a fitted one to give the illusion of more height.
Master the power of layering

Layer does not mean lame in style! In fact, many fashion experts recommend layering sweater over a fashionable shirt and topping the look off with a stylish coat and a classy scarf. That way, if you’re indoors and it becomes too hot, you can just take off your layers and still look good.
Opt for thicker pants

Yes, you want to look fashionable but it all goes out the window once your legs start freezing too bad. Remember, you want to dress up smart for the winter—and that means still being able to fight the cold weather. So instead of wearing tights or black stockings, try fleece lined tights or leggings underneath your dress or skirts to get more warmth. Don’t worry, they are still relatively thin so your legs won’t look too bulky.
Cover up with faux fur

Be eco-friendly with faux fur like a coat or a vest. But if you’re going to wear it, make sure to pair it with only a simple sweater and pants. That way, your outfit won’t look too overwhelming. That’s dressing up smart!
Layer with a turtleneck

Gone are the days when turtlenecks are used only for the ski slopes. Now, you can see in various fashion catalogues and winter collections. They are increasingly becoming a trend for this season because of the sophistication they bring to your look. We recommend wearing one under your blouse for extra warmth. Cover it up with a classy coat and tights or jeans and you’re good to go.
Add color with hats and gloves

Nothing pops an outfit more than hats and gloves. If you have already set your outfit, finish it off with a beanie or a beret hat, and with leather or knit gloves. Accessories like these two create a fashion statement outdoors.
Make use of silk

Silk is a great addition to your winter collection since it’s warm yet thin—making it easy to layer underneath warm clothes like jackets, sweaters, and dresses.
Rock the boots

Who doesn’t think about boots when you mention winter? It’s the ultimate winter fashion topper! They keep your legs warm and they make a great fashion statement. Lastly, they go great in whatever outfit you choose whether it’s dress or tights or pants.

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