Hobbit House Pub: Abu Dhabi’s latest hangout destination

Filipinos always search for a nice place where they can chill and hangout with the barkada after a long day at work. Now they can do so as they enjoy great food over a few rounds of darts and billiards at Hobbit House Pub, located at the second floor of the Al Diar Mina Hotel, Corniche Area, Mina St. in Abu Dhabi.

From 1:00 pm all the way to 3:00 am, Filipinos and other expats will immediately see what sets Hobbit House Pub apart from other bars and restaurants in the capital. All of Hobbit House Pub’s servers and staff are midgets recruited all the way from the Philippines that will provide you with endless hours of fun and entertainment with their courteous hearts of service as well as their surprise performance numbers!

Hobbit House Pub also serves a wide array of delicious international cuisines including their signature items: the deliciously creamy Chicken Polo, the hot and spicy tastes of their Sizzling Beef Fajita, their tried-and-tested Classic Beef Burger, the fan-favorite Fried Chicken Burger with fried onion rings, and more – all at affordable prices!

In addition, the place also holds regular tournaments for darts and billiards, perfect for those who want to polish up their skills in the sport and get to know fellow sporting enthusiasts in the community spanning different nationalities. Hobbit House Pub likewise has a vibrant vibe with its lights and sounds set up coupled with an acoustic live band ready to amp up your experience during your stay as you enjoy the night away with your favorite songs.

Filipinos and expats from other nationalities will surely love the exciting acts from midget entertainers and staff, great food at affordable price points, fun-filled darts and billiard games, to ensure that they will have an amazing time over at Hobbit House Pub.

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