Tokyo Streets: Why they make you want to go out

Are you fond of walking around, exploring the street? If you are, good for you. But we have to admit, it’s not something many people look forward to. When traveling, it’s either just a must-activity in a group tour (which you’re dying to finish in an hour or so), or a short break before you head to another famous attraction. Besides, who else wants to do it under the scorching heat or freezing cold?

But while streets from other parts of the world make you wary of walking around, or so uncharacterized they would make you rather stay in, Tokyo’s would make you crave for more. There are so many interesting things to see that you won’t feel your knees trembling from all the walking. There is nothing boring in Tokyo.

And now that many more Filipinos and OFWs are discovering it, it’s about time you have your own taste of the city. Check out some of the things to do in Tokyo:

1. Check out the Harajuku fashion. If there is one thing Tokyo is extremely famous for, it’s that unique eye-popping style that you won’t find elsewhere. The teens wearing their own creative style of Lolita look will make you realize the beauty of appreciating your own quirk.

2. Taste Japan through its street food. Have you seen fries quadruple the size of those from fast-food? How about avocado sushi? All of them are here, ready to satisfy your palettes!

3. Shop ‘til you drop at ¥100 shop Daiso. Walking through the streets of a first-world nation does not always have to be pricey. Just check out Daiso, one of Tokyo’s most prominent landmarks. You can find goods here that won’t exceed ¥100!

4. Take photos! The punky Harajuku Street, the beautiful Yoyogi Park, the interesting Asakusa Temple, the majestic Tokyo Imperial Palace and the blinding lights of Shinjuku—all are enough to fill your camera with the best Instagrammable photos! Shoot on.

5. Go crepe-hopping. No trip to Harajuku will ever be complete without trying the tasty crepes dispersed all throughout the street. Crepes in Harajuku are made to order in front of you, with different variations like that of cream and fruits with scoops of ice cream or even an entire slice of cake. Other versions include those with tuna, pork cutlets, veggies, and curry.

6. See Takeshita Dori. All things kawaii abound in this bustling street in Harajuku—from furry shoes, to vintage clothes, to the quirkiest bags you’ll ever see.

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