WATCH: Filipino ‘Karate Chef’ goes viral with impressive display of entertaining live cooking acts

One thing that Filipinos are widely known for is their sense of spreading happiness through their smiles and antics wherever they are in the world – and this has once again been proven with a Pinoy chef that has gone viral for his amazing engagement with an intimate yet diverse crowd while on the job at a live cooking station!

Dubbed as the ‘Karate Chef’ by Facebook show ‘Caught Series’, Chef Ludwig Cabral impressed an intimate crowd with a series of engaging and entertaining acts as he cooked up a storm of flavors for a birthday celebrant at a restaurant in the Bahamas.

Cabral shares that he only chanced upon this career after one of his bosses from his previous job at another industry offered him a chance to learn that really piqued his interest. “I have been doing this Teppanyaki career for 11 years na po and it was kind of accident lang na makapasok sa gantong career kasi i was working in a call centre when a filipino manager asked me kung gusto ko daw matuto ng Japanese cuisine and Teppanyaki,” shares Cabral.

True to his Filipino roots of belting out a quick song at the right moments, He also sang a few one-hit wonders using kitchen utensils as percussion instruments. “I always enjoy meeting new guests everyday and get to know them and make sure i will always put a smile on their face and have fun with me while i cook their dinner.also going to other countries meeting new people and knowing their culture,” said Cabral

The viral chef also said that while he didn’t really study being a chef full time, it was his passion and dedication to his craft that makes him enjoy what he does for a living. “I always tell this to the new expats i meet wherever i work,take it from my experience, it’s always your attitude that will take you where you want to be and success is defined by the people you helped to achieve their goals in life. Sipag at tyaga lang wag mag papatalo sa homesickness always think who you’re doing this for,” said Cabral.

The video currently has more than 17 million views at the time of posting, with more than 101,000 likes, 3,100+ comments and 67,000+ shares.


Watch his full video here:


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