WEMART: UAE’s market fusion of Asian groceries, food mart

When Filipinos head out of their flats to buy groceries, they always love the idea of heading towards a one-stop shop where all that they need would be found especially during wee hours of the morning.

WEMART, one of UAE’s players for more than 13 years in the Asian grocery and food mart located in Deira offers just that and more as they recognize the need for Filipinos and expats to have access to high quality Asian groceries 24/7 as the store holds its grand opening this April 11, 2019.

The store doesn’t only offer fruits and vegetables at the outset, these groceries are grown organically as well! The fruits and vegetables sold by WEMART are harvested from their own environment-friendly and pollution-free green farms, which means all produce coming from our farms are all organic, safe for consumption all while protecting the safety of our planet” said the company in an announcement.

Fusing convenience and accessibility

WEMART is located at the heart of Dubai where the Filipinos are – at Shop-7, Baniyas Complex Tower, Nasser Square in Deira, just behind the Baniyas Square Metro Station. With their wide space at their store, they’re also able to cater to people who need food that’s ready-to-eat whether that’s dining in at their shop or to-go: “Our extensive services combine the concepts of supermarkets and catering. In addition to offering a wide variety of Asian products, we also have an independent dining area where you can taste delicious Asian food.”

Ready-to-eat products that WEMART provides include Taiwan milk tea, bread and buns, meals in a box, sushi, salads, fried rice, cakes and pastries, and fresh juice from their organic farms to name a few.

WEMART takes pride in offering a wide range of Asian products that can easily be bought at any time that their customers need them. Knowing that many Filipinos love hotpot, the store also has a dedicated area for Chinese cuisine intended for hot pot cooking at home. “At WEMART we offer a wide variety of products, providing many customers with daily life and dietary tastes. Our products are carefully selected to provide you with products of best quality. Customers can also enjoy a variety of Chinese cuisine, baked snacks in the store, as well as a variety of materials for our shoppers to enjoy eating hot pot at the comforts of their own homes,” said the company in an announcement.

WEMART will have several of their items on sale when their doors open to the public from April 11 to 13 so if you’re planning to buy your new groceries, need to stock up on a few items or might be craving for Chinese cuisine and more, be sure to check out the UAE’s Asian grocery haven in town, WEMART!


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