Protect your sensitive skin from harsh weather conditions

Filipinos are in the constant look out for ways to take care of their sensitive skin despite the ever-changing weather conditions here in the UAE. This is why more and more Filipinos have started to consider products that Koreans opt for that manages to maintain their looks by using products like Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream available at The Face Shop.

With Dead Sea salt minerals as one of its base ingredients, Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream improves skin moisture by 42%, strengthens skin barriers by 28% and reduces the generation of dead skin cells.

Here are its top three benefits:

Moisturizing care for sensitive skin

One of the best benefits of Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream is it easily resolves the dryness of the skin, which over time transforms your skin with a more elegant feel that will unleash your no-make-up beauty.

Gentle Care while restoring fatigued skin

If your skin is fatigued after wearing too many make ups without removing them or perhaps have started to dry out from the stress you’ve accumulated from work, Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream will help restore your skin to the way it was with optimal moisture as it brings back your youthful glow.

Hypoallergenic care for the family

Not only is it safe for adults, it is likewise safe for children too! Since children have more sensitive skin, Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream will work its wonders to help your kid’s skin be moisturized throughout the day, especially after a rough day on the playground.

Planning to save your skin from stress and other external factors? Be sure to grab Dr. Belmeur Ato Salt Cream is now available at your nearest The Face Shop across the UAE.


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