MediaCom spreads holiday cheers with Christmas Offers

If there’s one activity apart from enjoying a feast of food that’s consistent with many Filipino-led Christmas parties, it’s gathering everyone for a videoke challenge! And there’s no better way to enjoy the yuletide season for Filipinos than with a premium karaoke entertainment system like MediaCom.

As the month of December progresses, holiday shoppers are full swing as they rush towards malls and shopping districts to scout for the perfect gifts, all while keeping their budget in mind. MediaCom has consistently provided irresistible deals for everyone during this time.

And it doesn’t matter where they order as MediaCom makes it easy for customers to take advantage of their offers – whether they may be checking out leading electronics stores, retailers and supermarkets, browsing online stores or even ordering through MediaCom’s social media channels.

“The holiday season is the most important part of our yearly calendar and preparations are made well in advance, to make sure that our customers get the best possible offers during this period.” says Mr. Renato Pascual, Managing Director at Mediacom.

Huge Discounts

The most exciting offer is a 30% discount on the MCI 6800TW Premium Android karaoke. This player comes with several premium karaoke features, as well as the Android functionality, making it a complete hub for family entertainment. It comes with more than 22,000 songs in English, Tagalog, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Urdu and several other languages, and users can record 50 songs plus reserve a playlist of 100 songs. The system comes with two wireless microphones paired with the main player for a complete karaoke experience.

The MCI 6800TW is not limited to singing only, it can also be used for watching movies, TV shows, TFC, GMA, TV5, playing games downloaded from the Play Store, using Skype to connect with family and friends, checking Facebook and other social media applications. It can also connect to different devices via Bluetooth. It can connect to WIFI to stream videos on Youtube, play favourite karaoke tracks and sing along with them. Users can even download the videos and record their voice while singing.

MediaCom MCI Mini Pro, the highest selling DVD Karaoke Player, will be available as a package with wireless mics for an exceptionally low price of AED 524 only. It has a quality black finish and comes with a large library of songs in English and Tagalog on a 32GB USB. It also gives users the option to play their own music from a USB on the unit. The system has dual mic inputs and a crisp 2.1 channel output for users to relax and enjoy their audio visual experience. It can also play old karaoke discs as well as movie DVD’s making it one of the best gifts for loved ones back home.

Discounts are also being offered on MediaCom’s other products at their showrooms, Facebook pages, facebook.com/mediacomkaraokeuae and with the leading electronics retailers in the country.
All systems come with a full one year warranty (although MediaCom will continue to service its customers beyond that period). MediaCom service centers are available in Dubai, Manila and Cebu to support Filipino customers back home.


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