Davao City celebrates 33rd Kadayawan Festival

Apart from having lots of tourist attractions, the Philippines is also well known for hosting extravagant, fun-filled festivals – one of which is the Kadayawan Festival held down south in Davao. This 2018, TFT Lifestyle TV, joins in the fun with the Davaoeños as they celebrate their 33rd year.

Celebration of Good Harvest

Davao, also known as the Durian Capital of the Philippines, annually holds its Kadayawan Festival during the month of August. Its name, “kadayawan” comes from the local Davaoeño dialect greeting “Madayaw” which translates to “treasured” or “valuable”.

The festival is a celebration of the townsfolk’s thanksgiving for the good harvest provided for them by nature as they spent months cultivating the land. Davaoeños share their happiness towards tourists and their fellow Davaoeños as they spend time and effort to showcase elegant parade floats coupled with eye catching costumes and drum and dance beats which you can really jive into.

Rich Tribal Culture

The Kadayawan Festival Parade also gave honor to the 11 tribes that contributed to the rich history of Davao and its citizens through the floats as well as through the striking depiction of their tribal wear that people of all ages wore to the parade.

Mark Joseph Sayad, one of the fashion designers based in Davao, showed TFT Lifestyle TV his works inspired by Davao’s historic tribal wear – such as the Ata Tribe and the T’boli tribe. The award winning fashion designer also created a beautiful piece from a fabric that he created himself with designs derived from one of the fairies of the 11 tribes of Mindanao with a mix of patterns from the Lumad and Moros.

Connecting Filipinos

If you wish to travel to the next huge festival in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific’s wide domestic connectivity empowers Filipino expats and locals to travel with ease with over 37 domestic destinations to choose from all around the country. Their online service even allows you to do online check-ins, and you can even add hot meals and avail extra baggage allowance for your trip! The next festivals to watch out for include the Maskara Festival this October at Bacolod as well as the Higantes Festival this November at Rizal.

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