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Visa-free travel to Europe for only Dh999!

Ever dreamed of exploring Europe but visas were a struggle for you?

As we bid goodbye to the summers in Dubai, it’s time for us to plan a quick getaway. Break the myth of expensive holidays in Europe and get your exclusive holiday encounter. We’ve done a quick research for you to help you enjoy your vacations – visa-free and at an affordable rate.
For as long as you have a UAE resident visa, you can travel to Europe less than a thousand bucks. So, without any further ado, take your pick!


Having recently opened its door to UAE residents without visa, Azerbaijan is now highly in demand. For as low as only Dh999, you have a chance of exploring this country that has 9 climatic zones which means you can experience all the four seasons at once. Good enough for the deal, isn’t it? Other than this, your flights, hotels, daily breakfast and airport transfers will be a part of your holiday experience. Details here.


For a good handsome amount of money, you get a chance to experience the Georgian hospitality along with its spectacular food. The country has got some of the most stunning views and is often termed as the balcony of Europe. For only Dh999, you’re going to embark on a flight journey of 3 hours, have a comfy hotel stay, savor a delicious breakfast every day and travel in absolutely luxurious transfers. Is this your all in one holiday experience? Book now.


Growing in popularity among backpackers, travel to Armenia can be quite an affordable trip, especially if you’re on a budget spree. So, no matter how much you earn, keep aside a thousand bucks, and get ready to explore one of the oldest Christian nations in the world with an all included deal of just Dh999. The package comes with flights, hotel stays, breakfast and transfers to make holidaying in Armenia a memorable experience for you. Wishing for a VAT Free holiday? Click here.

So, beat the scorching heats of the Dubai Summers, and experience the visa-free countries with the lowest temperatures. Let’s travel #VisaFree!

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