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Bo Sanchez: 4 steps how single ladies can find their soulmates

First, you’ve got to ask yourself: Do you believe in the idea that all of us have soulmates?

For years, many have tried to define this word. However, no one has yet succeeded, maybe because of the profoundness of the emotions that come along with it, which no words can encompass.

Instead of defining it, others can only come up with explanation to it. One example is that it is believed to be an odd sense or feeling that everything between you and a person seems to have already happened a long time ago, perhaps just in a different setting. Yes, that moment is called déjà vu.

But how can you find him? How can you find your soulmate?

According to best-selling author and life coach Bro. Bo Sanchez, there are four steps that can serve as a guide to every single lady out there to finally find her soulmate, he who can make her prosper though life.

1. Raise your flags

Single ladies need to put up a flag to state their standards. It is a declaration of who they are and the kind of men to whom they want to spend their life with. Bro. Bo said it cannot be just about anything or anybody or basta lang, because this thinking indicates lack of knowledge about themselves. In this flag, he said, women must be able to determine their “negotiable and non-negotiable list”or things that women can live or live without.

2. Flow

This simply means that single women should try to go out and meet people in order for them to find the right one. And finding the right one, he said, means having options.

3. Do not be desperate

Bro. Bo advised that “a single woman can give a special look to a guy, but she must give him a look of hesitation as well”. In this sense, he said women must neither be desperate nor too reserved about their emotions since these will most likely drive possible suitors away.

As for his explanation, Bro. Bo said men can smell the scent of desperation even miles away. And because men are genetically hunters, “They like the thrill and the adventure of the hunt,” he said, adding that…

“If there’s a scent of hesitation, men will be attracted and challenged” to go after it.

As to why give men a hint, Bro. Bo said that although they want the thrill of hunting, men also want to ascertain if there’s a probability of success. Simply because they are terrified of rejection.

4. Be firm

The last piece of advice deals with the kind of values that every woman must possess. And it is not to give any man the benefit of marriage without the marriage per se.

To put it simply, women must let any guy do the hoops and make that firm decision in life not to give up everything to him, because men are always looking for someone who’s attractively modest.

Bro. Bo left an analogy to this that every single woman can ponder on:

“If a guy can download an HD movie on the Internet for free, do you think he would still go to the movie house to watch it?”




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