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There’s no other way but to get “Hooked.”


If it’s seafood you crave, look no further. This newly-opened seafood restaurant in the country’s capital is quite creating a stir in the local and expat community with its fresh and unique take on serving seafood.

Located in Electra st. behind Honda Showroom, this restaurant is also manned by the same team behind the first seafood experience in Abu Dhabi that got everyone… well…”hooked.”


According to Eleanor Genato-de Leon, the restaurant’s sole owner, their family, while on a U.S. trip back in 2015, went to an exceptional seafood restaurant both in California and Chicago that impressed them so much so that they thought of bringing the concept in the UAE and share the same experience, while blending it with the UAE culture.

“When we left our first venture, we wanted to make sure that what we’ll offer next is something bigger, better and definitely fresher. And what can be fresher than a catch that literally just got hooked,” she told The Filipino Times.

The restaurant offers fresh and local fish specialties which include Nile perch and snow crab legs among other varieties. Many types of shellfish are also available, including shrimps, lobsters and mussels which are served with a special sauce. The restaurant’s interior is spacious and the décor’s are rustic and laidback making it very casual and unpretentious. Also, on Fridays there is a band playing for the Friday Acoustic Night Sessions, which makes the place even more fun as you gather with friends and family while indulging on some great food.

Hungry? Grab your pen and paper and jot down our top 5 “Hooked” favorites.
During our taste test, we had a festive table full of seafood selection and delectable desserts. Let’s start first with the appetizers; we had Crab Balls in Lemon and Pepper sauce. Unlike the usual fish balls, this crab balls has something yummy on the inside that is for you to explore and that would only cost you Dh 13.

The main dish is the Seafood Trio which is perfect for a group of 2 or 4. If there are 8-10 of you, the Seafood Grande deal will hit the spot. This package includes a good portion of mussels, shrimps and crabs (with your choice of sauce namely Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter and House Specialty) served with corn, mojito and unlimited rice.

Take note, that would only cost you for Dh 139 and Dh 349 respectively. The sauce we chose was the Garlic Butter – all the sauces are best-sellers so there are no risks taken here. For other variety, we had Aloha. This BBQ grilled Nile perch is both sweet and savory and the meat is exceptional, it’s so meaty you’d think you’re having a steak which is awesome. It is served with veggies and baby potatoes on the side and is priced at Dh 39.

From mouthwatering meals we are down for some delectable desserts. Their Mason jar themed desserts are both good for the eyes and taste buds. Our favorites are Red Velvet with Cream Cheese (Dh 21) and their own take of molten lava cake, the Nutella Kinder (Dh 19). If you are a fan of chocolate mousse, their own version called, “The Shiz” is equally great which is priced at Dh 25.

For Ramadan, Hooked will be launching their eat-all-you-can promo. Diners can enjoy shrimp, mussels, crab, lobster balls, shrimp balls, fish balls, crab balls, mixed seafood soup, corn, baby carrots, baby potatoes and rice for Dh 119 (adults) and Dh 50 (child aged 6-11 years old) from 7 pm to 2 am daily. For corporate bookings and more information, call 02 6269918 or email them at [email protected]

“The feedback is unbelievable! We are currently running promotions with The Entertainer & Best Bites Abu Dhabi and we are just grateful and overwhelmed with the massive response and raving reviews. And it hasn’t even been a month since we opened,” Genato-de Leon said.

Hooked Seafood Restaurant is open daily from 11:00 a.m. to12:00 a.m. Follow them on instgram at @hookedae for updates and promotions.


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