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Investing 790 Dirhams in Rockwell Properties in the Philippines: More Than Just Short-Term Enjoyment

Screengrab from the TFT Usapang OFW session on April 29

Rockwell Land Corporation offers a different perspective on how to use your money wisely, especially for those residing in Dubai. During the latest TFT Uspanag OFW episode, Rosee Alimon-Ferriols, a representative from Rockwell, shared that 790 dirhams can be used to invest in a property in the Philippines with the Rockwell promise.

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TFT Usapang OFW Moderator Tricia Gajitos with Rosee Alimon-Ferriols during the webinar on April 29

Alimon-Ferriols highlighted that spending on gadgets, dining, vacation, or shopping sprees can only bring short-term enjoyment. Meanwhile, investing in a Rockwell property can provide long-term benefits, such as the Rockwell promise of a secure and convenient lifestyle.

Rockwell is known for its commitment to safety and security. Alimon-Ferriols proudly stated that the number of security guards is enough to cover the entire Bicol region. During Typhoon Milenyo, while the whole of Manila was in darkness, Rockwell Center remained lit because they have 100% backup power.

Aside from security, Rockwell offers diverse and exclusive communities in key thriving locations, with 60-80 open spaces. The lifestyle events and activities they offer, such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas events, keep their communities engaged.

Investing in a Rockwell property is also a worry-free investment. They have a historical rate of value appreciation of 8-10% per annum. Their properties also have proximity to top schools, commercial establishments, and major roads, which translates to a rental yield of 4-5%.

Rockwell offers properties in various locations, including Pampanga, Metro Manila, Laguna, Batangas, Bacolod, and Cebu. Among their most in-demand properties are The Arton, East Bay Residences, 32 Sanson, and Nara Residences.

Alimon-Ferrios encouraged webinar attendees to invest now for as low as 790 dirhams, emphasizing the worthwhile investment options, leasability, increasing rental rates, capital appreciation, and increased purchasing power. The Rockwell properties offer flexible payment terms, making them accessible for those who want to invest.

Rockwell will be part of the upcoming Philippine Property and Investment Exhibition on May 12-13, 2023, at Radisson Blu Hotel from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. They will be offering special Dubai Roadshow promos for in-person purchases made during the exhibition. For those who want to inquire further, they can message Rosee directly on WhatsApp at +639178789409 or visit their website at

Overall, investing in a Rockwell property with 790 dirhams can go a long way. It provides a secure and convenient lifestyle, diverse and exclusive communities, and a worry-free investment. With the upcoming Philippine Property and Investment Exhibition, interested investors can take advantage of the special promos and flexible payment terms that Rockwell offers.

Alimon-Ferriols concluded the discussion by emphasizing that “It’s a wise decision to invest in a Rockwell property now, as it can bring long-term benefits and value appreciation.”

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