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BB Gandanghari reunited with mother Eva Cariño 

BB Gandanghari shares a happy family reunion with her mom Eva Cariño after she returned to the Philippines after seven years.

BB shared to her followers a glimpse of her journey back home in an Instagram post on December 6.

“Just landed. Happiest to see my dearest mama in 7 years… Yes, it was that long ago. How time flies,” she said.

BB also first teased her arrival to the Philippines by sharing an image of her in the airport.

#SeeYouSoon: long time coming, home is where your heart is” BB said. 

BB’s homecoming has long been overdue with her mom saying she can come back home after their brother Royet passed away. 

BB went to the United States to pursue her Hollywood dream but BB later on admits that it was a very big challenge.  

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