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Nearly 7 out of 10 Filipinos concerned over rising prices of commodities – Pulse Asia

Majority of Filipinos or nearly 7 out of 10 (66 per cent) of Filipinos are concerned over the increasing prices of basic goods according to the latest Pulse Asia report.

The survey was conducted from September 17 to 21 on 1,200 adults.

Apart from the increasing food prices, the next concern for Filipinos would be the pay of workers which is at 44%, followed by creating more jobs at 35% and reducing poverty at 34%.

Here’s the list of top concerns for Filipinos:

• Fighting graft and corruption (22%),
• fighting criminality (19%)
• addressing the problem of involuntary hunger (17%)
• enforcing the law on influential or ordinary people (12%)
• providing support to micro, small and medium businesses (9%) stopping environmental destruction and abuse (9%)
• promoting peace in the country (8%)
• reducing taxes paid got (7%)
• controlling the spread of COVID-19 pandemic (5%)
• defending the integrity oft he Philippine territory against foreigners (5%)
• protecting the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (4%) preparing to face any kind of terrorism (2%)
• other concerns (0.2%)

The survey was released after the country recorded a slightly higher inflation of 6.9%.

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