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Martial Law survivor urge President Marcos to acknowledge father’s sins

Photo courtesy: Presidential Museum and Library

Martial law survivors are urging President Bongbong Marcos to acknowledge the sins committed by his father, the late dictator, Ferdinand Marcos during his martial rule. 

The statement comes as the country mark the 50th anniversary of the martial law declaration.

“We, therefore, demand: That the incumbent President acknowledge the torture, illegal imprisonment, enforced disappearance, and other human rights violations that took place between 1972 – 1986,” a group called  Survivors’ Hub said.

The group also lament the delay in reparation or payment of claims for victims of human rights abuses.

“We reject and denounce any attempt to represent that darkest of periods in our modern history as any kind of golden age,” the survivors said.

“National unity can be based only on truth, justice, and the free exercise of civil liberties and human rights. Thus, we swear once more to dedicate the remainder of our lives to bearing the torch of freedom under the threat of renewed repression, to cast the light of truth on our past and present, and to ensure that justice come to those who struggled and bore witness before us,” they added.

Malacanang has yet to issue a statement on the anniversary of martial law declaration. 

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