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Gov’t warns vs. oversharing info as text scammers now have names of SIM card owners

Authorities warn the public to be more careful when sharing information as scam text messages now have the names of the cellphone users they are trying to victimized.

The government reminded the public anew not to overshare personal information online and to be cautious against responding to scam texts.

“Eto yung mga ginagamit nila na information ngayon, so natutugma na nila yung number at meron nang pangalan na kasunod,” Art Samaniego, a cybersecurity expery, said in a GMA News report.

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“Ang mga scammers, fraudsters, they send out messages in bulk, so random siya, whoever gets affected o who would respond, ‘yun ang nagiging victim,” Police Lieutenant Michelle Sabino, head of the Philippine National Police Anti-Cybercrime Group added.

The police said that as long as the sim card registration law is not yet in effect scammers will always find a way.

“Even if we get the warrant to disclose computer data, magiging dead end because we wouldn’t have the information and we need the identity of the person bago kami makapag-file ng case sa court,” the PNP said.

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