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Turkish toddler bites snake to death

A two-year-old Turkish girl in a revenge attack killed a snake by biting it back, killing the reptile.

The toddler from the village of Kantar, near Bingol, Turkiye was bitten on August 10 and she killed the snake with her teeth in the province.

Her neighbors heard her screaming as the snake attacked her in her backyard as the girl had gone out of her house to play in the garden.

The girl’s scream drew the attention of the neighbours, who immediately rushed to the site and found her with a bite mark on her lip, and a 20-inch snake between her teeth.

The toddler is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Turkiye and the girl bit the snake and killed it after it bit her in the face.

The 2-year-old was taken to Bingol Maternity after the neighbours provided the girl with first aid. After she was placed under medical observation she was recovering well.

The species of snake involved in the incident is unknown and the girl’s father has said that he was at work when a snake bit his daughter.

The father extended gratitude to the neighbours for their efforts in rescuing the daughter.

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