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UAE suspends separate Emirates ID, residency renewal service; replaces it with unified service

Separate Emirates ID and residency visa renewal services have been suspended in UAE from May 16, according to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Security Ports (ICA).

Authorities said unified services will be used for the issuance or renewal of residency and ID.

According to ICA, separate residency services (issue/renewal) will only be available to those who have a separate ID request that are already in process.

“Stopping the issuance of the residency sticker for UAE residents came into force as of April 11 and a new unified form was created for the issuance and renewal of residency and ID card, replacing the previous individual requests,” the ICA added.

Authorities emphasized that the new generation of Emirates ID cards issued to foreigners residing in the UAE includes all of the details mentioned previously in the residence sticker, which increases the added value for the ID card’s uses in proving the personal identity of individuals through the presence of personal and professional data, the issuing entity, and other readable data on the card’s surface, as well as the implicit details enhanced through electronic linking.

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