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AstraZeneca booster jab helps to fight off Omicron variant – study

Global pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca highlighted that early trial data of its COVID-19 booster dose shows that it generates a greater antibody response against Omicron and other mutated strains of the Coronavirus, including Beta, Delta, Alpha, and Gamma.

The company added that the anitbody response was observed in those who were previously vaccinated with either its vaccine or one of the vaccines that rely on mRNA technology, such as Pfizer and Moderna.

It added that it will send this data to regulators around the world due to the urgent need for booster doses.

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AstraZeneca produced the vaccine in cooperation with researchers from Oxford University, and laboratory studies last month found that injections of three doses of AstraZeneca vaccine were effective in resisting the new, fast-spreading Omicron mutant.

And the data is the first that the company announces from its experiments on the booster dose of its vaccine.

A large British trial in December found that a booster dose of AstraZeneca increased antibodies after the initial vaccination with the same vaccine or with Pfizer’s messenger RNA technology.

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