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Abu Dhabi issues new preventive measures for close contacts of COVID-positive individuals

The authorities in Abu Dhabi have issued fresh COVID-19 safety protocols for those who are considered as ‘close contacts’ of COVID-positive patients.

Individuals who test positive for COVID-19 with severe symptoms may only end their isolation measure if they get two negative results 24 hours apart. To do this, they must conduct a PCR test on days eight and 10 and complete a minimum of 10 days of isolation with no symptoms in the past 3 days, after medical evaluation.

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Patients who fall under other categories of mild or medium must first take a PCR test in any health facility in the emirate and continue to isolate. If the test comes back positive as well, they will be contacted by a specialist to complete the isolation procedures.

If the test comes back negative, they must wait 24 hours and then take a third PCR test. If this test also comes back negative, they may resume regular activities while continuing to follow precautionary measures.

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The close contacts will receive an SMS to conduct a PCR test and register in the home quarantine programme through a link that will be provided in the SMS and vaccinated individuals must quarantine themselves for seven days, while unvaccinated individuals must do so for 10 days.

The close contacts must continue to quarantine and conduct an additional PCR test in any health facility in the emirate on Day 6 (for vaccinated individuals) or Day 9 (for unvaccinated) and if the second test returns negative, they can resume activities as usual – but must continue to follow precautionary measures. (AW)

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