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KNOW THE LAW: Who is responsible for my apartment’s maintenance?

Dear TFT,
I reside in a two-bedroom apartment in Dubai. Who is responsible for apartment maintenance in Dubai? Can I ask my real estate company to repaint my apartment every year?


The law no. (26) of 2007 that regulates the relationship between landlords and tenants in the Emirate of Dubai and the amendment in 2008 laws’ Article 15 states that the landlord will be bound to hand over the real property in good condition that will allow the tenant its full use under the Tenancy Contract.

During the term of the lease contract the landlord will be responsible for the real property’s maintenance works and for repairing any defect or damage that may affect its intended use for the tenant.

As per the law, landlord will also be responsible for any defect, damage, deficiency, and wear and tear occurring on the real property for reasons which cannot be attributed as the fault of the tenant.

The tenant can demand reasonable maintenance and if the property is damaged and needs to be painted one can also seek so. However, there is no legal binding on the landlord to paint it on a yearly basis.

The tenant may approach the Rental Dispute Centre for seeking proper maintenance of property. (AW)

Imran Khan

Atty. Imran Khan is a Legal Consultant at Bin Eid Advocates.

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