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Teenager with world’s longest hair gets haircut after 12 years

The 18-year-old teenager who held the Guinness world record of having the longest hair in the world decided to cut her hair anew.

Dubbed as real-life Rapunzel, Nilanshi Patel did not get a haircut since six years old after a traumatic experience.

Her hair grew to 170.5 centimeters or 5 feet 7 inches long. It’s the longest hair in the world since 2018.

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On her 18th birthday, she decided to cut her hair which has grown to 6 feet 6.7 inches.

“My hair gave me a lot — because of my hair I am known as the ‘real life Rapunzel’… now it’s time to give it something back,” she said in a video on Guiness Book of World Records.

Patel has yet to decide on her plans for her hair. She is weighing in on whether to auction or donate it in a charity or display it in a museum.

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“I’m excited and a little bit nervous because I don’t know how I’m looking in the new hairstyle… so let’s see what happens, but I hope it’s going to be amazing,” she said.

Patel was emotional when her hair was cut and even kissed her hair which made her popular globally.

“Oh my god it’s beautiful! It’s amazing — I’m like a little princess!” Patel said on her new haircut. (TDT)

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