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3 out of 4 Filipino nurses willing to get COVID-19 jabs

At least 76.5 percent of 646 nurse-respondents of a local survey are willing to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The survey conducted by the Filipino Nurses United (FNU) revealed that there were 37 who were not willing to be vaccinated for fear of side-effects, co-morbidities, and possible negative effects on breastfeeding.

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There are 115 nurses who said they are still undecided as they want to know which vaccines are tested or proven safe.

FNU said in a statement that nurses are willing to be vaccinated “if there is a full guarantee for their safety so that they can still continue serving and caring for their patients/clients”.

The group emphasized the need for “serious, consistent assurance” from the government that they will be prioritized in the Philippines vaccination program with free, safe, and adequate COVID-19 shots.

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They also said that both public and private nurses should be able to avail of this.

Finally, they called on the government “to take full responsibility in vaccine regulation and monitoring for adverse side effects, indemnification for serious adverse effects and death, for treatment and hospitalization for all health workers and the public.” (ES)

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