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Can people vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the virus?

A UAE health official warned that people who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can still contract and spread the virus.

Dr. Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the UAE’s health sector, cautioned people to still be “rigorous” in their hand washing, mask wearing and physical distancing in order to protect themselves and others.

In an interview published on The National, Dr. Al Hosani explained that although the risk is less, people should still not underestimate it.

The health official particularly pointed out that those who will be at risk are family members or work colleagues, who may develop complications, particularly if they did not take the vaccine”.

She advised individuals who have been vaccinated to continue precautionary measures, like any member of the community.

Al Hosani also said that health authorities and researchers are now studying its antibody response and how long it might last.

For those who have had the virus or been vaccinated, there are antibody tests available at public and private hospitals to check whether they have developed immunity.

In order to help the country in its road to recovery and prevent more cases, she urged people not to delay being vaccinated. (ES)

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