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Roque told to stop doing TikTok

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque revealed he has stopped uploading videos on the video-sharing platform TikTok, but that it was not his personal decision.

Citing an interview with online news organization Politiko, Manila Bulletin reported that Roque was told to stop being ‘TikTokerist’, a slang used to describe a TikTok use— when he returned as Presidential spokesperson more than a year after stepping down.

“I had to stop doing TikTok videos. I was told to stop doing it when I came back as presidential spokesman,” he said in the report.

Roque used to upload TikTok videos prior to his return to the government, and some of his entries became a hot topic online.

Roque did not identify the person who ordered him to quit TikTok.

“There really was an order. That’s why I said they were infringing on my right to dance like a macho dancer,” Roque joked.

It in April last year when President Duterte brought back Roque to communicate the government’s efforts and policies to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roque vowed that he will return to enjoying singing and dancing once his stint as the presidential spokesman is over.

“We will not stay long in this position and the time will come that I’ll have to return to my private life. I’ll do TikTok videos again,” Roque said. (CC)

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