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Man stayed in airport for three months due to COVID-19 fear 

A man in the state of Illinois in the United States had lived inside an airport undetected for months over fear of the coronavirus disease or COVID-19.

In a report on the Chicago Tribune, authorities found the 36-year-old Aditya Singh living inside the Chicago Airport since he left the Los Angeles Airport last October 19, 2020.

The man has been charged by authorities with felony criminal trespass and misdemeanor theft for staying in the airport’s security zone.

Last January 16, two United Airlines employees saw Singh and asked for his identification card. The man then showed an ID of an operations manager who lost his ID last October 26.

The man was brought to police custody after the employees reported about the man’s presence in the airport.

Assistant State’s Attorney Kathleen Hagerty said Singh was quoted as saying that he was “scared to go home due to COVID”.

The man said that he was able to survive his months-long ordeal as some passengers gave him free food.

The man has reportedly no criminal records and a resident of Orange, California. He has a degree in hospitality but currently unemployed. It’s still unclear on why he decided to go to Chicago.

Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz has barred Singh from entering the airport and ordered to post bail of $1,000.00. Despite being non-violent, the court said that trespassing and staying in the airport’s security zone is something that violated the law.

He is set to appear again in court on January 27.

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