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Asian man arrested for selling employment visa in Dubai

A 29-year-old Asian man was arrested and later charged in court for faking and selling an employment visa for AED6,500 in Dubai.

The incident happened in December 2020, Gulf Today reported.

According to the report, the victim was an African security guard, who sought help from authorities after he fell prey to the Asian’s illegal activity.

The victim narrated that he was looking for a job opportunity for his brother when he met the defendant at a company.

The man offered to help the guard made the victim believe that he was capable of issuing an employment visa for the victim’s brother in exchange for AED6,500.

The victim agreed to pay the amount in return for his brother’s visa.

The victim received the visa that included his brother’s information. The victim was later shocked to find out the visa was a fake one.

The victim reported to the police that led to the suspect’s arrest. The suspect was charged with forgery of official documents, which carries a stiff penalty. (CC)

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