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Makati hotel unaware that party took place in Dacera’s room

The management of the City Garden Grand Hotel (CCGH) where Christine Dacera died last January 1 claimed it was unaware that there were multiple guests in the flight attendant’s room.

CGGH Hotel Officer-in-Charge General Manager Richard Reazon answered the allegations that the hotel was used for leisure purpose when it was listed as a quarantine facility, a report by said.

CGGH Hotel Officer-in-Charge General Manager Richard Reazon submitted a four-page reply to the Department of Tourism.

“We wish to assure your kind office that our establishment acts only with the utmost regard and respect for DOT and IATF’s regulations on accommodations,” Reazon said.

Razon said the hotel has served thousands of returning overseas Filipino and other persons under quarantine since it opened in June 2020.

Reazon said the hotel accepted three guests and was not informed that there were multiple guests in Dacera’s room.

Allegedly, none of the guests were presented to the front office manager and there were “no obvious comings and goings were seen from any of the 3 rooms that would have roused the suspicion of our CCTV clerk, as their presence in any public spaces were brief.”

“It was only the following day (January 1st approximately 12 NN) when we received a health and safety incident that we came to know that more than one person may have occupied the rooms in question,” the general manager said, referring to Room 2207 where Dacera was found.

Bookings were reportedly made separately and under the different names, different accounts times.

CGGH added that in its own investigation, it was found out that at least nine to 10 persons were “interspersed across three different rooms.”

“These visitors could only have gained access to guest floors with the aid of registered guests, in violation of hotel policies prohibiting such gatherings,” Reazon said.

The hotel also denied that the hotel was used for social gatherings.

“We also respectfully deny the charge that the hotel has allowed social events to take place within its premises in violation of relevant DOT and IATF Guidelines,” the general management said. (CC)

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