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Galvez: Duterte getting vaccinated in public will be helpful

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Philippine vaccine czar Carlito Galvez believed that vaccinating President Rodrigo Duterte in public would help increase Filipinos’ acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines.

With the President’s 91 percent rating in the popularity survey, seeing him being vaccinated in public will boost the public’s acceptance of the vaccines, said Galvez in an a report by ABS-CBN.

Galvez’s remarks came after a survey result showed that nearly half of Filipinos are hesitant about taking COVID-19 vaccine shots.

The disinterest came despite the assurances from the government that only those safe and effective vaccines will be allowed in the Philippines.

Galvez said the President has said that he will be taking whatever vaccine that will be made available in the country.

But Galvez said it will still be up to the doctors what vaccine they will be recommending to the President considering that the chief executive is already a senior citizen. (CC)

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