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Filipina wins AED1 million in Al Ansari Exchange draw

Photo credit: Al Ansari Exchange

A lucky Filipina took home AED1 million after winning the grand prize of the Al Ansari Exchange Rewards — Winter 2020 during a draw streamed live on January 12.

The life of single mom Nina Elmina Sanchez Soriano and her family will forever change after her name was picked among the many expats that joined the promo. The 32-year-old expat who works as a guest service agent in a hotel is by far the third Filipino expat, the second female, and seventh overall who won the grand prize in the annual promotion.

She won after transferring AED 186 to support her father back home.

“I got shocked. Did I win? I have now one million dirhams! Did I win? I still keep on asking. But when I woke up this morning I checked my Instagram and checked Al Ansari’s social media pages. My face is still there, I really won! I am a millionaire!” Soriano said.

She added that this win will help her finally reunite with her son in the Philippines.

“It will change my life, not only for me but also for my son. It’s like a dream come true. After two-and-a-half years of not seeing my son, I see him only on video calls and there were times when he does not want to talk to me anymore because all he wanted was for me to go back to the Philippines. Now I have a chance to go home and spend my days with my son,” he added.

In addition, three more big winners were announced, including Akhil Mohan Kumar from India, who won a brand new Lexus; and Nirmal Kumar Bishan and Jitendra Pandey, who each won 1/4 kilo of gold in the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ draw.

In 2018, Al Ansari Exchange marked a back-to-back win for Filipinos in the UAE after Al Dizon Banzil and Gina Realuyo Soriano won the same grand prize in 2017 and 2018, respectively.


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