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“Common sense ang problema”: Sen. Manny Pacquiao blasts ‘pretentious genius leaders’

Senator Manny Pacquiao hit “pretentious genius” politicians who seem to prioritize using good English to impress the public, rather than to help them.

The senator shared that politicians who are all talk have accomplished have been ‘useless’ in the plight of many Filipinos who remain poor.

“Marami sa atin na galing-galingan…Ang tawag ko dyan is pretentious genius leader, samantalang kawawa ang mga mahihirap na tao. Useless ang pagiging politician ko kung wala akong magagawa. Maging katulad ako doon sa mga trapong politician, useless. Gusto ko habang nandito pa ako sa pulitika, gusto kong iayos para sa kapakanan ng mga mahihirap na tao kasi doon ako galing,” said Senator Pacquiao.

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He added that among the unsolved problems of the country include the lack of funding sources that lead of the compounding debt of the country due to the government’s huge annual spending.

With the 2021 budget as his example, Sen. Pacquiao revealed that while the budget proposal was set as Php4.5, he estimates that the government’s income for next year will only be less than Php 3 trillion.

“Common sense ang problema ng bansa natin. Hindi ko alam kung ano ba ang nasa isip natin. Tayo ba ay may utak o wala? Sorry emotional lang ako ha,” said Senator Pacquiao.

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The senator said that more than having a good command of the English language, politicians need to address pressing problems of Filipinos, especially the poor.

“E sabi nila ano alam ni Manny Pacquiao? Ang tao kasi, ‘O kailangan I have to speak good English, I have to speak perfect English to prove that I’m a good leader. No, the most important for a leader is this: If you already know the problem, you know how to solve the problem. That’s what we need,” he said.

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