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US mayor will not require wearing of face masks until Holy Spirit says so

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A mayor of Tennessee, USA said that he will not make the wearing of face masks mandatory until the Holy Spirit tells him to do so.

Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman said that he was not anti-science, but he will wait for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

“Coronavirus is science and it’s true and I do believe masking helps prevent the spread of it. But I don’t feel I should mandate people wearing masks at this time,” he said.

Lincoln county has recorded 1,322 coronavirus cases. It has a population of 34,000 residents.

“The Holy Spirit dwells within us. It’s a heart thing. It’s not a mind thing. But you’re using all your God-given (talents), your physical or mental or spiritual, all those things. When I pray for guidance, I may not know the answer immediately,” he said.

Residents were reported to be disappointed with the stand of the local leader.

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