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Kid sends mother’s nude pictures to her Snapchat contacts

A mother of a two-year-old kid was in shock after learning that her daughter sent her nude photo to some of her Snapchat contacts.

Emily Schmitt, 30, from Ohio in the United States said that she let her kid Carsyn play with her phone as she was drying her hair. She was clueless that the toddler was taking photos of her bare bottom while naked coming from the bath.

Emily only found out about what her daughter did when one of her co-workers messaged her and thanked her for the nude photo. Emily said that Carsyn sent the nude pictures to her work colleagues and former university classmates.

‘I was mortified. I literally think I died for a minute, then came back to life so I could tell people what happened,” she said in an interview on the Daily Mail.

‘’It’s so funny – this child of mine is wild. We just say she’s feral – she cannot be tamed,” Emily added.

Emily said that Carsyn sent her nude photos to at least 15 people. She immediately sent out an apology after finding out what her daughter did.

‘’My parents own the real estate brokerage that I work for. To make matters even worse, I walked in the next day and my dad, who’s the broker, was like, “Oh look, here comes the company porn star. I was like, Okay, I quit. I’m done. It’s just a joke all round here, and I thought it’s a dark, twisted world at the moment, so sharing something on a Monday morning to make people laugh would help out,” she said.

Her husband also laughed at the incident, knowing that it was only their daughter who could do such an act.

Emily said that it’s comforting to know that it was not only her who experienced the same. Some parents messaged her saying that their kids went live on Facebook while they are still naked.

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