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WATCH: Rare pink dolphins spotted at Hong Kong

Netizens around the world were astonished by the sightings of the rare pink dolphins at Hong Kong, an endangered species at the brink of extinction.

Experts point to the suspension of sea traffic at Hong Kong and Macau as one of the possible reasons why the pink-white dolphins were spotted once again along their territorial waters.

“We’re seeing much larger group sizes as well as much more socializing, mating behavior, which we hadn’t really been seeing for the last five years or so,” said Dr. Lindsay Porter, a Hong Kong-based marine scientist as per a report from Agence France-Presse.

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Reports state that the population of pink dolphins has shrunk as much as 70-80 percent for the past 15 years. But due to the pandemic, their numbers have been growing once again.

Sightings have reportedly increased by a third since March 2020. Conservationists and scientists are currently campaigning to expand an existing marine park near the area to help endangered species grow their numbers once again.

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“We’ve now identified a habitat that could then be reclaimed by them and could really be used to support their population,” said Naomi Brennan, who believes recent findings could provide an opportunity for conservationists to “turn the tide” for the vulnerable dolphin population.

Watch the video here:

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