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Massage centers to reopen in Abu Dhabi

Massage centers and other bath facilities in Abu Dhabi are now allowed to reopen, provided that they fully comply with the preventive measures against the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development issued a circular for the said reopenings which provides specific instructions for customers, employees and sanitation requirements.

These include requirements for customers to book their appointments, closure of waiting areas, thermal camera installation, thorough sterilization and regular COVID-19 checks for employees, to name a few.

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Here are the guidelines:

Booking and reception:

– No service to be provided without prior booking and no entry is permitted without wearing a mask
– Waiting areas are to remain closed
– Entrances to be equipped with thermal cameras and a manual check of body temperature to be conducted
– Display posters for preventive measures, good personal hygiene, physical distance, and precautions to be taken by staff and visitors at the entrances and around the facility.
– No entry is permitted to anyone showing any COVID-19 symptoms.
– Respect physical distancing measures by following the floor signs

Sterilization and cleanliness:

– Intense and deep sterilization of the facility to be done frequently during the day
– Staff shall be directed to wash and sanitize their hands frequently
– Intensive sterilization to be carried out during the day for all counters and frequently touched objects, surfaces and at payment points
– Hand sanitizers to be made available at payment spots and at entrances
– Equip the lounge with medical waste bins and keep emptying it regularly
– Allocate cleaning staff for toilets to disinfect after each usage, especially the corners and lines between the floorings and ceramic tiles

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– COVID-19 tests to be done for all employees
– Frequent body temperature check to be done for all employees during the day
– Training on preventive measures to be carried out
– Mandatory wearing of gloves and masks, and should be changed frequently during the day.
– Massage providers are required to use face shields in addition to the mask

Health and safety preventive measures:

– Use disposable wipes, bed sheets, and covers
– Provide changing rooms with closets
– Maintain good ventilation conditions and humidity below 50% within the facility
– Avoid serving clients with skin conditions
– Maintain the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization before and after the service, especially inside lounges and shower booths and its ceiling that might cause bad aromas
– Only one client is permitted at a time in the toilet
– Use disposable materials in the bath (loofah, soap, etc)

Massage centers should encourage e-payments for their customers.

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