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‘Tulong-tulong sa pag-ahon’: Filipinos support OFW victims of Satwa building blaze

Gina Fe Sanico thanked the outpouring support from fellow OFWs to help her and other Filipinos and expats who were displaced due to the blazed. Photo from Gina Fe Sanico.

Gina Fe Sanico, one of the victims in the recent fire that took place in Satwa, expressed her gratitude for fellow OFWs who have helped all of the victims of the burning house to start anew.

Sanico thanked the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai headed by Consul General Paul Raymund Cotes who called her up to ask if their passports were still intact after the blaze and if she and her fellow OFWs need assistance.

“Ang daming dumagdag na tulong even today, may mga calls and messages pa rin. Around 25 Filipino groups po ang nagpaabot ng tulong, bukod sa iba pang galing sa mga friends and strangers,” said Sanico.

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She has received support from the following groups to date:

1. Kalayaan 2020

2. Pinas Express Cargo

3. Kabayan Barter headed by Sir Joey

4. Triskelion DUBAI Chapter

5. AKRHO Dubai

6. CFC Dubai

7. Dubai Bikers

8. Stop & Help headed by Miss Heather

9. “Mr. Beardo” Shirad Sahaladdin from Lebanon

10. Sunrise 315 Karama

11. Food Bank UAE

12. CIASI GROUP Dubai Chapter

13. Ortigas Restaurant

14. Holy Shirt

15. Pinoy Bayanihan Community

16. RNB Ladies Salon

17. Dubai Badminton Group

18. Emy Luxuryshop

19. Ms. Natasha from the British and south African Community

20. Mosaic Church

21. World Revival International Church

22. “Padyakeros”Cycling Buddies Dubai

23. Barter & Deal Group Dubai

The 34-year-old OFW said that all the assistance they received were equally divided to all the 20 victims of the fire, as well as to the Indians who helped them get out of their burning house.

Sanico recalled the blaze started at around 5 AM in their villa in Al Badaa, Satwa due to a defected electrical outlet where they used to plug in their microwave. The smoke went all the way to the ceiling, and reached a gas tank two meters away, resulting in an explosion and further spread of the fire.

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She said the Indian living in their building, who was always going to the gym, woke up at around 5 AM to the sight of the smoke and fire. Knowing that they would have been trapped, she said he and his brothers immediately knocked on their door and helped them quickly get out of the villa—just in time before the said gas tank exploded.

The OFW said that in their haste, they ran without any footwear and with only the clothes on their back. Even the balikbayan box they were supposed to send to the Philippines had been engulfed by the fire.

“From our family, nagpapasalamt kmi ng sobra sobra sa mga Indian brothers n nangalamapag ng pintuan at nagligtas sa amin during the fire! Utang po namin sa kanila ang second life namin lalo n dun sa nakakita ng apoy,” she said.

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