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Dubai now allows maximum of 8 persons in restaurants

Residents in Dubai are now allowed to dine together in bigger groups following eased restrictions in the Emirate.

Dubai Municipality recently announced amendments to Circular no 45 which now allows a maximum of up to eight persons per table.

“(8 individuals) per group at one table, while (5 individuals) per group are allowed a shisha places,” as per the announcement from Dubai Municipality.

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The circular maintains that face masks are still mandatory for visitors except when eating, as well as a minimum physical distancing of two meters between two tables or an isolator shield if the distance is less than two meters.

Restaurants are now also allowed to seat a group of eight individuals together without having to ask if they are from the same family.

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. تسهيلاً لعمل الجهات الرقابية والمنشآت الغذائية من مطاعم ومقاهٍ، عدّلت #بلدية_دبي بعض البنود في التعميم رقم 45 الخاص بالإجراءات الاحترازية الواجب اتباعها في المؤسسات الغذائية، وذلك بما يضمن سلامة الجميع ويلبي حاجتهم للترفيه في الوقت ذاته. #نلتزم_لننتصر . To ease the work of regulatory authorities and food establishments including restaurants and cafes, #DubaiMunicipality amended the protocol and guidelines in Circular 45 for food establishments in a manner that ensures everyone's safety and meets their entertainment needs. #we_commit_until_we_succeed

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