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NCEMA: UAE ranks 1st globally in the number of COVID-19 tests per capita

The UAE has topped the world in terms of the number of COVID-19 tests per capita during the period of July and August 2020, the National Crisis & Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA) announced.

In its official Twitter account, NCEMA said that more than 2 million tests were carried out across COVID-19 labs in the country, making the UAE rank 8th overall, globally.

In two months time—between July and August, the total number of cases has reduced by 21% and the mortality rate by 5.7%.

NCEMA revealed that diabetic patients in general, especially those individuals with Type 1 diabetes or gestational diabetes, are more likely to get complications with COVID-19.

It added that it will take four to five days before COVID-19 symptoms appear.

For the elderly people and those suffering from chronic diseases, it may take longer.

NCEMA urges everyone to abide by the precautionary measures in place to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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