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Animal vaccine lab in China infects over 3,000 people with bacterial disease

Thousands of people in northwest China have been infected with a bacterial infection which leaked from a state-owned biopharmaceutical plant making animal vaccines, AFP reported.

Some 3,245 people had contracted brucellosis, a disease that can cause fever, joint pain, and headache when a person is exposed to infected animals, Lanzhou city’s health officials said.

No evidence of person-to-person transmission so far.

Authorities found out that the laboratory had used expired disinfectant in its production of Brucella vaccines for animals between July and August last year.

This means that the bacteria was not totally eradicated from where the vaccine was made.

More than 20 students and faculty members of Lanzhou University, some of whom had been to the institute, subsequently tested positive as well.

Lanzhou authorities said they have revoked the license of the laboratory.

Compensation await those people who were infected by the bacteria.

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