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Man kills mother after she asked him to do prayer ritual

A man in Egypt has allegedly killed his mother after she asked him to perform a prayer ritual, Al Arabiya reported.
According to police officials, Mohammad Sharaf al-Din Abdul Imam strangled his mother with a long scarf because she asked him to perform wudhi, or the procedure of parts of the body before prayer.
The body of the woman was found in their apartment, where the authorities found the scarf as well as some bruises on her body and face—which police said may have been sustained from punches and kicks.
Imam’s siblings said that he allegedly killed her after an argument stemming from her mother’s request for him to perform wudhu in preparation for the dawn prayer. The siblings said he then returned and entered into an argument again with their mother. Iman, they said, killed her with her own scarf, hit and kicked her to death, then immediately ran away.
According to investigations, Imam—who has since been arrested—reportedly got into a car accident a week before the crime, and it apparently led him to be aggressive even over simple reasons.
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